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"I am amazed by Katie’s ability to meet a writer where they are at and to shepard them to become the writer of their dreams. Katie has it all, heart, skill, dedication and a sharp wit. 
Katie is a writer’s writer; she understands the demands serious writing requires and is fearless in helping people reach their potential. We are on the brink of a new age of writing and publishing and I feel Katie Allen’s leadership will help revolutionize and democratize the art of writing."

Angela Alkove,

Water Horse Writing Studio

My Clients 

Working one-on-one with writers has been the most rewarding part of my career. It's the kind of soulful collaboration that makes me throw off the sheets in the morning with a gusto that teaching pure grammar and writing classes all those years never quite did for me.

Because what I get to do is help people like you bring out your stories into the world, and I can think of no greater calling for me on this planet (but no guarantees for what I'd say on Jupiter).

I offer developmental and copy editing services to nonfiction and memoir writers who are looking to indie/self-publish or are getting their work ready to query agents. I also work with writers who are in the thick of it who need clarity and accountability in Clarity Call sessions.

You can find the details below for each of these ways to work with me.

Copy Editing

A decade in teaching English language courses provided me with a strong foundation in copy editing skills. If you have already had beta readers and/or a developmental editor go through your work, I'd be honored to help you take it to the next stage and get it polished for publication or ready for agent querying.

To see if we're a good fit, complete this questionnaire and then book or request a free 30-minute consultation call if the Calendly link isn't displaying availability that works for you.

Developmental Editing

I've been writing my entire life. As I got older and began sharing my words with the world, I became a regular part of creative nonfiction writing groups, an avid beta reader for memoir, and have considerable experience, training, and other continuing education in the realm of developmental editing. I've also been providing this service for my students for years in the classes I've been teaching as well as with private clients.

If you're not ready to polish your work yet and would like to address the gaps and bigger-picture issues, complete this questionnaire to see if we'd be a good fit to work together for developmental editing.

Clarity Calls

Are you having trouble getting started or knee-deep in a project that seems to be surrounded recently by fog? I work with writers one-on-one to help move things along and gain clarity with Clarity Call packages that help hold you accountable and clear the fog. 

These sessions can be either 30- or 60-minutes and purchased in packages of 4, 6, or 12. I have limited availability for these, so please book a consultation call with me or request a meeting via the form below, sharing several dates and times that you're available in the next several weeks.

My Rates

You can use the Editorial Freelancers Association rates guide to get an idea, but the estimate I will provide you may vary significantly depending on several factors, including if you've already had any beta readers or prior editing done. My rates include several check-in calls throughout the time we work together, and if you'd like to add on more, consider a Clarity Call package.

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“I highly recommend working with Katie, online or in any of her carefully crafted and executed retreats.”

Amber Brown

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