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Camino Corner

This page is dedicated to pilgrims and future pilgrims. Here, you can learn more about my Camino reading and writing groups and register, learn more about my 2023 French Way pilgrimage, read some advice, connect with me in Rabanal in March and April of 2024, and join a Mindfulness Meditation for Pilgrims group.

Ultreia  •  Suseia  •  Buen Camino!

"We are pilgrims of the Earth and strangers; we have come from afar and we are going far."

Vincent van Gogh

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Walking the French Way

I wrote every day of my pilgrimage, but I only blogged three times.

Below, you can read those posts from the beginning of my journey.

Camino Writers

A donativo (pay what you can) writing group for pilgrims, whether you've walked The Way or not.

We currently meet bi-weekly and do two timed writings with prompts, followed by an optional share in small groups with no comment or feedback.

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Camino Reading Group

A donativo (pay what you can) reading group for pilgrims, whether you've walked The Camino or not.

We currently meet monthly and discuss the assigned books in groups of 4 with a set of questions as a guideline to start.

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Camino Pre-Departure Meditation Group

A donativo (pay what you can) mindfulness meditation group will soon open. I will offer tailed meditations to future pilgrims​ so they might learn and practice various mindfulness techniques prior to beginning their journey, which will be greatly enriched by the skills learned in this group.

If you're interested, please submit your email via the form below. I hope to host these weekly.

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