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A space to work independently, together.


This writing salon is a virtual workspace with a light structure where you can find community and accountability in your writing and beyond. 

Open 24/7 every day, you can join at any time for any length of time and use our Whatsapp group to notify other members of when you plan to join and vice versa. It’s a space where you can work independently yet in community.

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Access to the salon for the spring season is $50 and runs from January through May. You can register at any time and can renew at the end of the season if you wish to continue on. The summer season is June-August and $20. The fall season is September-December and $50. If you are part of a Writers Circle cohort, your registration already includes access to the salon, and you don't need to register or pay again here.

If you’re experiencing financial hardship and can’t afford the fee at this time, please email me and let me know why you’d like to join the salon, and I will waive the fee for you.

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The most popular time in the salon is currently 8:30-10:00am PST (11:30-1:00 EST) but members can join any time. We follow the structure below:

- 5 minute brief check-in

- 5 minute meditation

- 5 minute free-write

~ 70 minutes writing/work, individual practice

- 5 minute brief check-in

If you stay beyond 90 minutes, which is common for many salon members, those present can decide on how often to check in after the first one. Typically, it’s every 90 minutes, but members can modify this based on their needs. If you arrive after or before a verbal check-in, use the chat feature to do so. Please come and leave quietly if others are working when you join or if you have to leave before an established check-in. You can update where your name is displayed with this information if you wish.

The writing salon is a self-run space. When I am present, I facilitate. However, when I am not in the salon, members take turns time-keeping. 

This is a welcoming and supportive space where we respect the gentle structure and brief shares, keeping them under one minute unless members all agree to have longer check-ins or discussions, which happens more commonly when just two members are present. It is important for you to speak your time restraints and goals clearly when you check in for this reason. Members are also expected to be respectful and kind to others, always respecting their privacy regarding the check-ins. What is shared in this space stays in this space.

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The writing salon is a strong way to start your day or invigorate your afternoons. Or, come wind down in the evening.

I've been hosting and participating in this writing salon since 2021, and I will keep it open indefinitely at an affordable rate, never turning anyone away for lack of funds, as long as people continue to benefit from the space.

For questions, email me at

Wishing you clarity, energy, and community in your writing and life,


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