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3 each | 4 for 10 + shipping

I have one foot in two worlds: in one, I'm trying to live a writer's life. In the other, I run a very small business called Teranga Market. 

It's a long story (so long, I wrote a book about it), but here's the deal:

My best friend Anne-Marie in Senegal makes these (and other things) using traditional West African fabrics, and she receives 100% of the profits. Her sister helps, too. We're trying to end the cycle of poverty, beginning with one family. Hers.

I'm merging my two worlds. Once a month, I'm hosting a letter-writing party, because slowing down to connect with a human in that way is a dying art. Let's bring it back!

Whether you use these or other cards, you're welcome to join our Zoom (or local) group. Details to RSVP are under the WORKSHOPS tab.

If you have your own cards, I hope you'll consider a donation of $5 if you attend, but all are welcome regardless.

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